Affirmative Action Services

Save time and protect your organization from exposure due to Affirmative Action requirements.

Are you an Affirmative Action Employer?

You are, if you:

  • Have 50 or more employees AND $50,000 or more in federal contracts or subcontracts, OR
  • Serve as a depository of government funds in any amount, OR
  • Are a financial institution that is an issuing or paying agent for U.S. Savings Bonds and Savings Notes

Why choose us? MST HR Solutions is a team of experienced HR professionals that realize Affirmative Action planning is just one piece of your larger HR strategy. Our experts are fully trained and committed to the success of your business. We are here to consult with you to ensure your Affirmative Action Plan is fully compliant with federal law, while making sure it does not detract from hiring the right employee, which is crucial to your overall business success.

MST HR Solutions offers complete peace of mind through the entire Affirmative Action planning process:

  • Customized Plan Preparation: We will make sure you have a fully compliant Affirmative Action Plan, that is complete and aligned with your organizational HR strategy.
  • Plan Implementation and Maintenance: It is not enough to just have a plan on file – the government requires that plan to be implemented. We will be there to help you make sure your Affirmative Action Plan is implemented and maintained properly.

Our plans will pass any OFCCP audit, guaranteed! We will be there to support and defend you through every step of any audit you may face.

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